Executive Headshot Photography

The HeadShot Café is an event experience where event attendees get a makeup session and then sit for a professional executive headshot taken by experienced portrait photographers. All this happens on-site at your event, while giving exposure to the company that sponsors the Headshot Cafe.

Why Get a Professional Headshot Photo?

Before you make a first impression with someone, chances are, they have already seen an image of you on social media. Thanks to LinkedIn and Facebook, everyone has a public face. Make your first impression a powerful one with us. Give your conference and event attendees the opportunities to have a current, professional headshot photo available to use at any given opportunity. They will love you for it!

Sponsorship Opportunity

We provide associations and corporations with a sponsorship opportunity in an exciting and unique atmosphere that is convenient for them. Making you and the sponsor look like superstars is our goal. The HeadShot Café will be the biggest buzz at your show and will bring tremendous foot traffic to our location and surrounding exhibitors.

Increase Event Attendance with The HeadShot Café

We understand your event has its own unique needs, which is why we accommodate most capacities and budgets. Our custom studios are designed to enhance attendance while fitting in seamlessly. Need to drive traffic to a certain area? Our configurations get the job done. Exhibitors that surround The HeadShot Café will get additional visibility from attendees and will thank you for it. And don’t forget, these booth locations will become primary exhibitor spots.